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Ragamuffin Kittens for Sale in Arkansas There are some Ragamuffin breeders available who may be willing to ship. If you decide that shipping is an option, please contact the breeder and make sure that the breeder follows safe, humane, and ethical procedures for shipping a pet Adopt RagaMuffin Cats in Arkansas. Filter. This map shows how many RagaMuffin Cats are posted in other states. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Recent Adoptions. Read Success Stories. VIEW POSTS IN OTHER STATES BY CLICKING TOP OF SCREEN MENU OR ZOOM & DOUBLE. Please view our Adoption Info page for details on reserving your RagaMuffin Kitten. Introducing our Galaxy Litter! Venus-Sable and White Female-Available . Orion-Red and White Male-Available . Stella-Sable and White Female-Reserve Get beautiful and cute purebred ACFA/CFA ragamuffin kittens for adoption available in a variety of colors. Explore our new kittens' photos and videos. Call now 865-250-8005. foxxmultimedia@aol.com We are a small cattery located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and we strive to raise big, beautiful, healthy Ragdoll kittens. All of our Ragdolls are TICA registered, family raised underfoot and are loved and played with every day they are here with us

Velvet Muffins is a member of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society. The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society is a group of RagaMuffin breeders dedicated to breeding authentic RagaMuffins, preserving the sweet teddy bear look, while adhering to a Code of Ethics concerning breeding practices that is strictly enforced Thank you for visiting the Arkansas Ragdoll Breeders page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area RagaMuffin kittens, RagaMuffin cats, RagaMuffin kittens for sale, RagaMuffin breeders, RagaMuffin kittens on Too Cute, RagaMuffin cat club, RagaMuffin Cats 101, Care of RagaMuffin kittens, RagaMuffin show standard, Animal Planet, Why RagaMuffins are so special; RagaMuffin and Ragdoll differences, the Incredible sweet baby face of RagaMuffin cats. Browse Ragamuffin kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Ragamuffin cats are not incredibly active cats. They do enjoy games and playing as well as the company of others, but they prefer to lounge and cuddle with the ones they love Kittens are guaranteed to be Ragdoll HCM negative for life. Kittens come with a health guarantee. Our Ragdolls are purebred and registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and can be registered with The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). The Animal Planet has a fantastic short video about Ragdolls

RagaMuffin cats love to be with their humans, whether it be in their lap or being cuddled. They are often called puppy-cats by both breeders and owners. This is due to their dog-like qualities. RagaMuffin kittens and cats will often follow you around the house helping you do chores Ragdoll Kittens has outstanding Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens for sale. Our Ragdoll Cat Breeders give top care and love to every Ragdoll Kitten. We often have retired Ragdoll Breeder Cats and discounted Ragdoll Kittens and Proven Adult Breeder Cats for Sale. Also Munchkin Kittens for sale! (877) 720-405 At C'atelier, our French Bulldogs help mother the kittens who pick up some dog mannerisms like fetching and waiting at the door for us to return. C'atelier RagaMuffins is a proud member of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society , a group of RagaMuffin kittens breeders devoted to producing large, floppy RagaMuffins with the sweet expression and. Imperial Rags RagaMuffin Kittens Northeast SD SD ph: 952-994-8221 kristen @imperial rags.com.

RagaMuffin kittens, RagaMuffin cats, RagaMuffin kittens for sale, RagaMuffin breeders near me, RagaMuffin breeders, RagaMuffin kittens on Too Cute, RagaMuffin cat club, RagaMuffin Cats 101, Care of RagaMuffin kittens, RagaMuffin show standard, Animal Planet, Why RagaMuffins are so special, RagaMuffin and Ragdoll differences, the Incredible sweet baby face of RagaMuffin cats and RagaMuffin. RagaMuffin kittens come in a variety of coat and eye colors. The RagaMuffin breed makes an excellent family pet, generally getting along well with other pets and children. Ai Muffin Joyce Li joycelee_7@hotmail.com Dalian, Chin

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  1. Our newest kittens (DOB Nov. 19th, 2020) are all reserved. We are expecting our next litter on Dec 30th, 2020. Just shoot us an email if you would like to be added to the early preview list and we will send you a video within 48 hours of birth
  2. Ragamuffin Kittens can cost between $800 and $1000 each, less if you adopt them from a shelter when you'll only have to pay adoption fees and all neutering and vaccinations will already have been done. If you wish to, you can get a pet medical insurance which will vary in price according to the amount of cover you want
  3. Ragamuffin kittens, Williamsburg, Ohio. 984 likes · 74 talking about this. I have Ragamuffin kittens.Mother is a Tortie Ragamuffin. dad is a Flame Point Ragdoll
  4. Royalrags Ragdoll Cats CFA TICA Registered Cattery is located in Overland Park, Kansas. We're within a few hours drive of Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Louisian

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RagaMuffin kittens and cats should not be allowed outdoors. All cats will live much happier and healthier lives indoors. But RagaMuffins must remain indoors for their own safety. They have been bred for their fabulous, sweet-natured personalities. They simply do not have the survival instincts required to survive outdoors RagaMuffin Cats Ragamuffin kittens Ragamuffin breeder Showing Ragamuffins. NEW WALDEN RagaMuffins West Lafayette, IN. REAL TEDDY BEARS THAT BREATHE AND GIVE BACK! TM. HOME. Sires and Queens. The Kids. Gallery. About Hillside Maine Coons is a registered CFA and TICA cattery under the name Hillsidemaine. We are very proud to welcome you into our world of Maine Coons Cats. We are located in NW Arkansas and love that we are surrounded by the beauty that Arkansas shares If you live in Florida and you're trying to adopt a RagaMuffin kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a RagaMuffin breeder. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Finding a RagaMuffin cat breeder in Florida can be difficult, but we've done all of the hard work for you

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Welcome to Imperial Rags RagaMuffins! We are a small in home RagaMuffin Kitten Breeder. What this means is that your future RagaMuffin Kittens are raised among our family members, and as a part of our family. Our main focus is the health and socializ 4 beautiful Ragamuffin cross kittens. Mom Ragamuffin ( Ragdoll ). Father Persian Bobtail h Kennett, Missouri » Ragamuffin $350 Persian Kittens are here! We will post pics soon of these gorgeous little tots. Pet pri Harrison, Arkansas » Persian $1,200: Beautiful esh males and females [796176464715] Hi , Pet prices for some only !!! Full.

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  1. MetatronEyes is a TICA registered Maine Coon Cattery, entirely operated within our home near Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, USA. Our lines are rigorously screened, lovingly raised, and strategically managed to produce the very best in healthy, sweet tempered, and true to breed standard Maine Coons
  2. Ragamuffin cat In the Sixties, an everyday non-pedigreed white domestic long haired cat named Josephine, UN agency had created many litters of typical kittens, was scrapped in an exceeding automobile accident and brought to a laboratory at the University of Calif.. once she recovered, her next litter created exceptionally friendly kittens
  3. Exotic - Fayetteville (Arkansas)-January 27, 2020 1000.00 Dollar US$ Exotic Shorthair and Longhair Kittens available. See LondonSquareCats.com Blue Tabby-White Persian male (ELH) - Born Sept 11, 2019 Brown Tabby-White Persian male (ELH)- Born Sept 11, 2019 Brown Tabby Female Exotic Shorthair - Born Oct 11, 2019 Must f..
  4. RagaMuffin Trivia: Ragamuffin Cats are descendents of Ragdoll Cats crossed with Persians and Himalayans. Some Ragamuffins go completely limp when they are held. Ragamuffins like to follow people around the house. The name Ragamuffin started as a joke when a group of Ragdoll breeders broke off with the official breed association and simply renamed their stock
  5. Our kittens are vaccinated at the age of about 6-7 weeks and again when 9-10 weeks old. They are wormed twice at the same age. We use Revolution as a flea prevention. Q: Why do you recommend adopting two kittens? A: I personally never had just one kitten. Getting two kittens at the same time is best for both your family and the kittens
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The usual price for ragamuffin cats ranges from $600 to $1,300 depending on the breeder, quality, colors and geographical location. It's not uncommon to find a purebred quality kitten to can cost as much as $2,000. Older ragamuffin cats older than two to three years old can cost anywhere from $25 to $150. Kittens are just like children Browse Ragdoll kittens for sale & cats for adoption. The Ragdoll is a moderately active cat. They are not overly demanding or hyper but they do enjoy attention and affection from their companions. They enjoy a good cuddle and they also enjoy a game that challenges their mind At ShowMeRags, we treat our kittens as our children who are raised with love, care, and dedication. We are proud of our distinguished, prize winning kittens and only offer them into good homes where they will be loved and pampered. We are a small, closed cattery located in Sikeston, Missouri, 63801. TICA Registered, Cattery #R-2828-G

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  1. Ragamuffin Cats and Kittens for Sale Classifieds. It's easy to find the perfect kitten for sale in our kittens for sale classifieds. We offer over 65 registered cat breeds to choose from. If you do not find a kitten for sale here that you are interested in,.
  2. We breed kittens for pets. Because we have a limited number of show/breeder* quality kittens each season we advise putting you on a waiting list as early as possible to secure your Texas Ragdoll Kitten or kittens as Ragdoll coloration develops as they age, showing involves buying multiple cats at times. It is a whole different world!
  3. Ragamuffin Kittens - United States . Caracal Kittens, Africa Serval Kittens,Ocelot Kittens - For sale. Pets » Other Pets. Well trained exotic cats like cheetah cubs,serval kitten,caracal,lion cubs,tiger cubs,Savannah kitten,ocelot,jaguar,leopard available for sale.contact janiceosb.
  4. We have Ragdoll kittens for sale and are in Southern California and close to Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Ventura County. We can also make arrangements for Northern California, Arizona, Nevada and Las Vegas. RW Ruby Ridge Rags Manatee Merlin. Tica southwest region Best Seal point bi color Ragdoll.
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Familytime Rags Ragdolls, Ragdoll Kittens, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Ragdoll cats and kittens in Oklahoma, RAGDOLL CATS, RAGDOLL CAT, RAGDOLL KITTEN, RAGDOLL KITTENS, RAGDOLL BREEDER, RAGDOLL BREEDERS, RAGDOLL, RAGDOLLS, OK Ragdoll breeder, OK Ragdoll breeders, AR Ragdoll breeder, AR Ragdoll breeders, Ragdoll cats, Ragdoll cat, Ragdoll kittens, Ragdoll kitten. Arkansas. Arkancoons (ACFA TICA) Maine Coon MORE. RB Cathouse (CFA) Persian MORE. Purrfectfold (CFA) Scottish Fold Ragamuffin MORE. Busybody (CFA) Burmese MORE. 5 Acre Farm (CFA) Havana Brown MORE. Samovar (CFA) Russian Blue MORE. Pipps Kittens (CFA TICA) Egyptian Mau MORE. Rags2Dazzle (CFA TICA) Ragdoll MORE. Amdel (CFA) Exotic,Persian. Although it's often recommended that kittens should stay with their mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old, which is important to a kitten's behavioral and social development, kittens sometimes can be separated from their mothers at an earlier age. As an average, breeders and/or catteries will offer kittens for sale at about 3 months old

ADOPTION FEES Domestic Cats: $50-$125 Purebred Mix Cats: $75-$175 Purebred Cats: $100-$400 Rare Breed Purebred Cats: $250-$600 Adoption fees determined by age of the cat and discounts will be provided for health or special needs. Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, microchipping, deworming, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often. Persian Himalayan Kittens in Arkansas. A great big THANK YOU to Oliver's Mom for sharing this hilarious photo! Makes me laugh every time!!! Oliver is a young blue point Himalayan. Himalayan Kitten Blue Point Arkansas Funny Photos Cats And Kittens Persian Hilarious Kitty Amazing Hey Jenny my family has been looking for some kittens since our cat Bear recently passed away do you know any places where I can get ragdoll 2 kittens for under 500 dollars in the chicago area or even a place that is willing to ship every where I look they are like 700 dollars a piece we are looking for 1 boy kitten and 1 girl kitten Click here to view Manx Cats in Arkansas for adoption. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free. - ♥ RESCUE ME! ♥ June 2020. Beautiful babies coming soon!!! Please email me at christina21567@aol.com or text me a (at a reasonable hour please ) at 631-433-7936 for info. Kittens are $950 and up as pets with strict alter contract. Breeders are $2000 and up to approved small catteries

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Welcome to Lake Norman Ragdolls, a small, friendly hobby breeder in Denver, North Carolina on the west side of Lake Norman, 30 minutes NW of Charlotte. Lake Norman Ragdolls produces top quality Traditional Ragdoll Kittens with deep blue eyes, Mink Ragdoll Kittens with usually aqua but occasionally blue eyes, and now Blue Eyed White Ragdoll kittens also know as BEW, all with gorgeous plush coats Gianna's Dolls is a Ragdoll breeder in Texas and we have Ragdoll kittens for sale in Austin and the surrounding Texas area. Our beautiful and loving babies come from European and Traditional lines. We breed for teddy bear like faces, and sweet, cuddly personalities. All our cats test negative for FIV, FeLV, and our cattery is free of FIP

Locted 1 hour west of St. louis, Precious Persians sells PKD neg kittens. I have whites, himalayans and various colors. 3145507840. PRECIOUSPERSIANS 314-550-7840 . 1 Year Health Guarantee !! 314-550-7840. Stanton, MO off of HWY 44. My kittens are FIV and FeLV free! Ever Ragdoll Cats & Kittens of Rainbow Ragdolls, Alberta, Canada, CFA, TICA Ragdoll Breeder, Ragdoll Breeders, cute Ragdoll Kittens, kittens for sale, Ragdoll. Ttcats Cattery Maine Coons Terri & Mike Toulze (510) 677-5935 or (510)461-4082 East Bay Area, CA. Ragdoll Cats and Kittens in all colors and patterns! Check out our beautiful babieswww

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  1. Ragamuffin Kittens for Sale in West Virginia. There are some Ragamuffin breeders available who may be willing to ship. If you decide that shipping is an option, please contact the breeder and make sure that the breeder follows safe, humane, and ethical procedures for shipping a pet. LuvNMuffin
  2. We are a small Maine Coon cattery located on the outskirts St. Louis, Missouri in the rural area of Imperial, Missouri. All of our Maine Coons have been imported from reputable top quality breeders, whom of which we have built great friendships with
  3. Kittens born Oct 28, 2020 Mom and kittens are doing great, we will soon evaluate them, and then contact the last few families left on our deposit
  4. 31.05.2020 - Ragamuffin cats | RagaMuffin Kittens RagaMuffin Ca
  5. We specialize in healthy,adorable, and well social siamese, balinese, and lynx point kittens. CFA and TCA registered. Vet checked. FELV and FIV negative,and 2 year health gaurantee all genetic defects
  6. the home of well socialized, sweet kittens and cats. I have been a Maine Coon cat breeder for over 25 years. Kittens are available by reservation. Occasionally, there are retired adults available, too. Check out the kittens' page for details on availability and who is pregnant
  7. 7 Best Ragamuffin Cat Images Ragamuffin Kittens Cats Cat Posted by diana at September 25, 2019. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: ragamuffin kittens for sale in pa. 3 comments: PERSIAN KITTENS HOME May 17, 2020 at 1:37 AM. persian kittens for sal

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We have the most outstanding variety of ragdoll kittens for sale of any ragdoll cat breeder in Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana & the Midwest. Call @ (630) 803-4405 for order online RagaMuffin kittens from RagaMuffin breeders of TRKBS RagaMuffin Cat Club. Cats for Sale or Adoption in Havana area (+50 miles): NEW Cat Scratcher Gingerbread House in Metamora, Siamese Kittens in Fairview, Adopt Cobalt a Gray or in Pekin, Adopt Craft a All Black in Springfield, Adopt Kaleidoscope a White Domestic in Springfield RagaMuffin Cat Breeders in United States. Felisophic Felines Visit Felisophic Felines' Facebook Page felisophic@gmail.com Felisophic Felines is a small RagaMuffin cattery located in Central Arizona. Our goal is to produce healthy cats that adhere as closely as possible to the breed standard while retaining the fun, friendly personality RagaMuffins are famous for abkc registered american bully! born 9/1/2020. (337)889-7320 chris champagne lilac tri female $3500 (sold) champagne/white male $2500 light chocolate/white female $3000 shots/deworming health guarantee.. Apr 22, 2019 - Kitten saved by PDSA after eating toxic pollen Lucky Luna nearly loses life after lily lark Luna, a Ragamuffin kitten, was just four months old when her owner, Emily Pryce (29), received a bouquet of flowers for her birthday

British Shorthair kittens for sale and Scottish Fold Kittens for sale. Maine Coon kittens for sale. Visitors Welcomed! Contact to schedule an appointment. Adorable Kittens. Scottish Fold and British Kittens. A Breeder in Orlando, FL. Please Text : (347) 855-9482. Email : kittensflorida@gmail.com. Available Kittens Here. Home I have older kittens that are sweet and beautiful, saving you money. They are 12+ months of age. These kittens start at $250.00-$750.00. Show Quality: $2500.00 ~ $3500.00. Show Quality kittens have perfect or near perfect markings, and come with showing rights. These kittens will come as close as possible to meeting the Ragdoll standard Ragdoll The Ragdoll breed is probably the most popular breed on our website. A great deal of this excitement comes from the notion that these cats are hypoallergenic and/or that they do not shed. Do not be fooled: neither of these bits of information are true of the Ragdoll. Ragdolls are ver Use the nationwide database of cats looking for good homes below! Search by zip code to meet available cats in your area. Please note, these cats are from rescues and shelters nationwide and are not available through the ASPCA

Read more Read less. And mama cats often foster kittens that aren't their own, even taking in babies of an entirely different species, like squirrels, raccoons and rabbits. $25 p Registered Persian Breeder All About Ragamuffin Cats and Kittens The Ragamuffin cat is a large cuddly breed, with a plush, semi-long coat and a warm, friendly disposition. Bred first and foremost for a sweet, laid-back temperament, they are true people-loving cats

Ragdoll Kittens will be spayed or neutered at my veterinarian, vaccinated twice, any other age appropriate veterinarian work, and litter box trained when adopted. My adults have been DNA tested for health issues like HCM and all my kittens and cats are free of Felv/Fiv Our happy, healthy Ragdoll Kittens can go home with you at 9-12 weeks of age. Call today for more information on our precious Ragdoll Kittens Ragamuffin kittens Gorgeous Ragamuffin kittens for sale... 12 Yrs and 1 Mths: $1,000: VAmuffins Virginia Beach, VA 23455: Ragamuffin kittens Kittens available now 3 months old. 2 males 2 females. blue mink blue mink white natural mink natural mink white... 12 Yrs and 5 Mths: $1,200: petvet93 Batavia, IL 6051 Ragamuffin Kittens for Sale Ragamuffin Cat Breeders Ragamuffin Breed Information Ragamuffin Breed Merchandise Ragamuffin Websites. Popular Cat Breeds: Top 10 Cat Breeds 1. Persian 2. Maine Coon 3. Exotic Shorthair 4. Siamese 5. Abyssinian 6. Ragdoll 7. Birman 8. Oriental 9. American Shorthai

Kittens come with age appropriate vaccinations and worming. TICA registered Ragdolls with many show pedigrees in my bloodlines. I have a diverse group of Breeders from all over the USA and Canada. I specialize in Ultra Rare Colors. $250.00 off when buying 2 friends. Happy healthy and well socialized pets Donate Now! Welcome to AJ's Best Friends - your new furry family member awaits. We believe that every cat we rescue deserves to find the best-suited home for them - a place where they can live in love, harmony, happiness, and peace

Free Shiping - Order Today. Mega Mainecoons. Buy Mainecoons Online . Open Men All of our Ragdoll kittens and ragdoll cats are born and raised inside our home as part of our family in ensuring they are well socialized and loving Ragdoll kittens before leaving for their new homes. We take pride in our Cattery and our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful Ragdoll kittens with perfect Ragdoll temperaments.. T.I.C.A. Ragdoll cattery in Georgia, about 10 miles west of Augusta. We're also licensed and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. All of our kittens are sold with a written health and genetic guarantee, and are health checked by our licensed vet before leaving our home. All kittens are up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming Arkansas USA. May 2016. Born Oct 28 2010. In. Canada From Our Home to Yours Woody Mac & Silver Sage Suzy. Smoke in the Water. May 2015. Click Here to View TICA's Show Listings Calendar HOME. KITTENS. CONTACT US . About The Cats. Cat FamilyTree. Just For Fun. TICA Show. Welcome to

For kittens sold WITH Breeding Rights, the deposit is $500. Preferred payment methods are Cash & PayPal. PayPal email address for me: LeopardMagicBengals@gmail.com Debit and Credit cards can be accepted with a 3% fee added. Personal checks can only be accepted for deposits on kittens less than 10 weeks old. No Cashier's Checks or Money Orders Welcome to RagdollSEA. We are a Small Home Ragdoll Cattery registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). We are located in Seattle and we are looking for homes for our beautiful little Ragdoll Kittens RagaMuffin Kittens Pottsville, pa. $0.00 drstt. Breed: Ragamuffin DOB: May 14 2020 Gender: Neutered Male Color: Additional Photos Video(s) Shipping Available. More Galaxia American Bobtail Kitten for sale Mentone al. $600.00 CherokeeMtnBobs. Breed: American Bobtail DOB: April 23 2019 Gender: Femal

Kittens as young as these are easier to take care of as long as their surroundings are safe, they are provided with food appropriate for them, and they know where to find the litter box. We have a number of male and female baby kittens available for sale. While some pet lovers prefer male baby kittens as they are more affectionate, others want. Ragdoll Cat Breeder Birman Cats and Kittens for Adoption. Click here to learn all about Birman cat breed! [blog_list thumb=medium showposts=8″ post_content=excerpt category_in=2107″ pagination=true] Adopt a Birman Cat or Kitten on Pet Adoptions Network. Thinking of adopting a Birman cat or kitten

Kittens for adoption with Cats Protection. Cats for sale, Kittens for sale, Cat Breeders, Search for local kittens for sale. We also encourage you to see our advice on finding a reputable breeder. To inquire about availability, feel free to call at 416-892-2841 or send me a quick e-mail at erina. as one kitten out of each litter will be checked. Oct 6, 2019 - Persian Himalayan Kittens in Arkansas - Arkansas Persian All our Ragdoll kittens come with a 100% health guarantee. We breed for personality and health above all else and we have many testimonials as to the wonderful personalities and beautiful coats and eye colors of our Ragdoll kittens. read more. About Us. W elcome to our Ragdoll website. We started breeding Ragdoll Cats back in 1991 There are no Ragamuffin cat Cats for Sale and for Adoption. It doesn't look like there are any Ragamuffin cat Cats for Sale and for Adoption that match all of your cat search criteria. My Pets Cloud has a lot of cats listed for sale or for adoption on but some breeds/locations might be a rare find Below you will find a comprehensive list of available Siberian Cat breeders by state. We do not charge breeders for exposure on our site, so this is a complete list

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Find Britannah Kittens for Sale on Pets4You.com. The Britannah breed was created at Cats of the Ozarks Cattery in the Ozark mountains of Northwest Arkansas. I am a practicing mixed animal veterinarian with a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science Free: With conditions Four kittens, 2 left Born April 4, 2014. FREE . I will not reply to email inquiries. That's why I provide a phone number I do not check emails, nor will I respond to them. Free: With... FREE With Condition, 4 Cats Born In June 2011. FRE Angtini Maine Coons produces 3-4 litters of Maine Coon kittens each year. Breeding healthy (as well as beautiful) Maine Coon cats is of the utmost importance to us, so all our breeding cats are negative for the HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) gene and are screened as both kittens and adults for HCM and hip dysplasia The International Cat Association® (TICA®) is the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, the largest registry of household pet cats and kittens. TICA was the first and now the world's largest-registry to allow household cats of unknown ancestry to compete for the same titles and awards as pedigreed cats If you are looking for a Ragdoll kitten, please check the kittens available page, which will list information about each kitten and important questions about the adoption of your new feline. Please feel free to call or email with any questions about our cattery or kittens available. Cajun Ragdolls is located in the Timbergrove /Heights area of. Description: Our Cattery breeds the Original RagaMuffin. Our Aim is the health, happiness, beautiful and loving RagaMuffins. Our cats and kittens are available to qualified families with a Health Certificate, all vaccines and testing for Feline Aids and Leukemia

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